Billboard music award 2016 britney spears

Britney Spears to Perform Medley at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards

*Womanizer intro playing*

Superstar, superstar!

It’s been awhile since Britney Spears last award show performance. No, no. You can’t count last year performance because it’s pre-recorded. And also the rest after the Bambi Awards in Germany because she didn’t perform alone. But wait no more, well you’re basically still waiting til May 22nd though, because Britney Spears is going to scalp your hair follicles til they can’t grow back no more!

Britney Spears is going to receive Billboard MILLENIUM AWARD. Only legends like Britney could win that kind of award! This award is given to Britney Spears because of her impact in music. Where would those pop singers be if there’s no Britney Spears?

Billboard just confirmed that she is going to perform her greatest hits, which means she won’t perform Pretty Girls nor Perfume. And when was the last time she performs medley of her own hits? Superbowl 2016 Right, never! So get excited, guys!

Don’t worry about having FemmeFataleney on stage because she’s already back in shape and had that energy and confident back during her last leg in her residency Piece of Me show.

breathe on me vegas

Just Britney doing her things

Rumor has it that Britney also will perform or premiere her new single Make Me (Oooh), but in my opinion she should have just released it on Friday before the award show and then premiere the video during the award show. Then she can win a lot of streams which is now important for an artist to land on top of the music charts.

And a couple of days a go new songs titled Invitation and Just Like Me were just registered in online music database. These two could be a new song from her soon-to-be-released untitled album. An admin from BreatheHeavy also revealed another title from the album called Man From The Moon. Then, so far we have these titles: Make Me (Oooh), Just Like Me, Man On The Moon, Invitation and also Just Love Me.

Yes, she is ready to top the spot for the million times. We’re ready too, Britney! Slay us.


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