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Pokemon Sun & Moon: Legendaries, Starters, Region Revealed!

A couple of minutes ago Pokemon officially revealed the starters, the legendaries and the region from the up-coming game Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon which will be released on Friday, November 18, 2016! Now save the date. Continue reading Pokemon Sun & Moon: Legendaries, Starters, Region Revealed!

Bot for Messenger: Is Chatbot The New Black?

Yesterday during the F8 conference Facebook revealed Messenger Platform which lets developers build chatbots. Yes, now you can do anything just by sending chat to the bots!

You can do various things with these bots! You ask for a date about the weather in your location, the latest news, shopping, order flowers for your lover and mores. I even think about build one for this website and BSID so people can get update ASAP in their Messenger. Maybe after I finish my internship, who knows. Continue reading Bot for Messenger: Is Chatbot The New Black?

BURNS’ Songs You Need To Hear, Before You Listen To Make Me (Oooh)

Rumor has it that BURNS produced Britney Spears’ next single Make Me (Oooh). If it turns out to be true, then we need to prepare ourselves for the slayage that will come within a month from now. But then again, let’s just hope Team Britney will confirm this rumor ASAP (and also announce the single officially).

BURNS is an English producer, he has worked with a lot of different artist from Marina and The Diamonds to Calvin Harris. And no, he doesn’t have hits yet. But so did Danja and The Outsider. He really needs to give the best one for the queen of pop.

If you haven’t listened to any of his works, let me hand-pick some of my favorite from BURNS so you know what you could expect. But well, like he said on Twitter:

Continue reading BURNS’ Songs You Need To Hear, Before You Listen To Make Me (Oooh)

Forget Pretty Girls, Britney Spears’ New Single Is Going To Make Me Oooh

Update: The song is titled Make Me according to Sony Music Germany and will be released next Friday, May 20. Stay tuned for more information, guys!

make me germany britney spears

It’s been like years since Britney Spears released her last album. But hold on tite, because her new untitled album and of course her brand new single titled Make Me (Oooh) are around the corner. Just wait a lil bit longer and it will be there! The information was revealed by Robin Leach, who also confirmed the non-existent GMA desert performance. But well, he also confirmed the Vegas extention and Pretty Girls! So let’s just finger our fingers and hope Britney will confirm this exciting new!

Furthermore Robin Leach reported that Britney will shoot the video next Monday, April 18th, and then she will premiere the song along with the video one month later, maybe around May 13rd. And he also elaborated that Britney’s new album will be released four weeks later after the premiere of Make Me (Ooh) music video, which means the new album will be released mid June.

Are you excited? Because I am! Let’s hope now Britney really takes another direction in her music career and not repeats her BJ and PG mistakes. Cuz she constantly says that this will be different than her other works. And hope it is different in a very good way.

Come through, queen!

How To Answer Interview Questions à la One Of The Most Successful Person On Earth

In December 2015 I was invited to attend an interview for my 5th semester internship in a respected German company. Believe me, once I got the invitation, I ran as fast as I could to the campus  library to borrow some Smart Answers To Interview Questions books. And well… I wish I could have known that I actually can learn how to answer interview questions from one of the best person in this world: Miss Britney Spears. She is a legend in the music and entertainment industry. She is also an entrepreneur and a unique Instagram persona.  Oh! And she is also a mom and a mom knows every solution to solve a problem!

And trust me, doesn’t matter whether it’s an interview for a regular job, an internship or maybe even for a scholarship, these tricks from one person who is not someone new in Forbes’ list will help you a lot to get the position or anything that you want! So this post will contain the interview question which is followed by the answer. Here we go!!

Hi! How are you feeling?

Be excited! This is your day!
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