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5 Moments From Horror Movie That I Like and Hate

Happy Halloween, guys! I know it’s a little bit late. But you know what they say: Better late than never! For the past few weeks I’ve been raping my free Netflix one-month trial by watching a number of series and… HORROR MOVIES!

Netflix has a plenty number of horror movies. But well, not every single movie is a great movie though. So sometimes it leaves me a good and bad moments after watching the movies.

And to celebrate this year Halloween, I share you my personal good and bad moments from horror movie! P.S.: You can listen to Ghost by Ella Henderson while reading this list to be honest. It’s such a good song.

1. Sexually Abuse

“I think you’re hot. That’s why I haunt you”

No. I’m not talking about the backstory of a father who raped his own child that then became a ghost and haunted their father to death. I’m talking about how every single time from one movie to another that the ghost ALWAYS shows up in a bathroom. I mean, hello Sir. I’m trying to poop and it’s gonna be smelly. So you’re gonna be here and scare me? Great. Come. Scare me!

When a movie shows a scene in the bathroom. It’s going to be pretictable as hell, pun intended. The ghost will creep in, watch you shower and put your clothes on, touch your hair, your back, your toe, and finally. Surprise, they will show you their ugly face in the mirror. What a narcissist!

I mean seriously. If a ghost touch me when I shower, I will call my lawyer. Why can’t I enjoy a shower after a very long day though? Continue reading 5 Moments From Horror Movie That I Like and Hate