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BURNS’ Songs You Need To Hear, Before You Listen To Make Me (Oooh)

Rumor has it that BURNS produced Britney Spears’ next single Make Me (Oooh). If it turns out to be true, then we need to prepare ourselves for the slayage that will come within a month from now. But then again, let’s just hope Team Britney will confirm this rumor ASAP (and also announce the single officially).

BURNS is an English producer, he has worked with a lot of different artist from Marina and The Diamonds to Calvin Harris. And no, he doesn’t have hits yet. But so did Danja and The Outsider. He really needs to give the best one for the queen of pop.

If you haven’t listened to any of his works, let me hand-pick some of my favorite from BURNS so you know what you could expect. But well, like he said on Twitter:

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Zedd’s New Beautiful Now Video

At the beginning of the video two girls kissing, an old man climbing the tree, a boy hiding from the bad guys, and Zedd stealing a wine from a store. A beautiful instrumental mixed is playing before the story of this characters begins.

Throughout the video, story of these characters, who seem to struggle with their life, is shown one by one. But only when the beat drops the happy experience of these characters is shown.

What can be the meaning of this video? I think it’s up to the audience. For me myself, Zedd tries to remind us, we need to remind ourselves of the beautiful moments that we have experienced in the past when we in this time face a bad situation so that we can make ourselves feel beautiful now.

Zedd’s New Album ‘True Colors’ Just Leaked

Zedd’s sophomore album that is coming next week has just leaked onto the internet today.

01 – Addicted To A Memory (feat. Bahari)
02 – I Want You To Know (feat. Selena Gomez)
03 – Beautiful Now (feat. Jon Bellion)
04 – Transmission (feat. Logic & X Ambassadors)
05 – Done With Love
06 – True Colors (feat. Kesha)
07 – Straight Into The Fire
08 – Papercut (feat. Troye Sivan)
09 – Bumble Bee
10 – Daisy
11 – Illusion (feat. Echosmith)

If you like the full album, don’t forget to buy it on iTunes or your favorite music store once it’s released, and if you don’t have the money, stream it! I haven’t heard it yet. But I know it will be better than Pretty Girls, you know, it’s kinda hard to like the song really. Not after they postpone the video and don’t say any word about it.

The Impact of Britney’s Tom’s Diner is Real

Just less than a day after the leak of the slayage that is Britney Spears’ version of Tom’s Diner, we can see the impact is real and powerful. And here I am, gonna write it all for you. Don’t forget to get the song by pre-ordering Giorgio’s latest album: DeJa Vu.

      1. It’s not officialy released, yet it managed to top Billboard Twitter Realtime Chart
        toms diner realtime chart

        I don’t even know that an unreleased song can enter the chart. Well, It’s Britney, she has the ability to make Billboard change the rules last minutes (*cough* Blackout *cough*)
      2. Tom’s Diner was #1 Trending Topic Worldwide and stayed in TTWW list for hours
        Toms diner trending topic world wideGenerating more than 30,000 tweets. Bet it generated more the second it leaked.
      3. The fact that the original singer even likes it
      4. Tom’s Diner is more recognized by the search engine the the first single off of the album
        compare tom diner search engineYou know that Britney Spears is the most searched celebrity in the planet for years right? No surprise that only a cover song in an album gets more recognition than the first single off of DeJa Vu itself. Britney generates almost twice as much as Kylie Minogue featured song titled Right Here, Right Now.
      5. More people prefer the Britney’s version of Tom’s Diner
        tom diner britneyAccording to Perez Hilton’s vote, more than seventy percent of 914 visitors like Britney Spears’ Tom’s Diner more than Suzanne Vega. Nothing can beat original, unless it’s Britney, bxxch!
      6. Tom’s Diner pushes the album harder than the other singles

        According to an Universe member, Starsm, the album was in the top 400. After the leak of Tom’s Diner, it seems like the Britney’s power pushes it harder close to Top 200. And it’s also number two on the electronic albums chart.

      7. and if you don’t like it, just…

This Is Me: Hellberg’s EP is Now Out!

this is me hellberg

It’s April 15th, y’ll! Hellberg just released his first EP titled ‘This is Me’ to the world. The EP has 5 tracks including the killer single The Girl featuring Cozi Zuehlsdorff.

1. A Hearbeat Away

2. The Girl (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)

3. Back2You

4. Wasted Summer (feat. Jessarae)

5. Love You Now

You can stream this flawfree EP now on Spotify. I have embedded the album below this post. You can also buy his EP on iTunes

My personal review: This is such an amazing EP to be honest. I’ve been listening to Hellberg since he released Ashes (Burn Your Love) which is still my personal favorite from him. I can’t wait til more people listen to his masterpiece. And it seems like I already noticed that he finally got his sound, if you know what I mean.

Congrats Hellberg, looking forward for your next music! Wish you tons of success.