2015 - June

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Reasons I Hate Gay Marriage

As you know, USA now is the 21st country to legalize same-sex marriage. AND THAT IS JUST VERY WRONG IN MANY WAYS. Can’t you imagine how many countries will follow one of the most powerful country in this world to make gay people able to get married? And here I am, giving you five and…

Zedd’s New Beautiful Now Video

At the beginning of the video two girls kissing, an old man climbing the tree, a boy hiding from the bad guys, and Zedd stealing a wine from a store. A beautiful instrumental mixed is playing before the story of this characters begins. Throughout the video, story of these characters, who seem to struggle with…

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From Stuttgart, Germany to The Great Canal, Venice

A couple weeks ago, my mom was in Europe with her friends, traveling through many countries, enjoying local foods, buying some overpriced brands, and breathing fresh oxygen. I, who live in Germany, didn’t get a chance to meet my mom here, because well, Germany was not in her travel list. So, both of us decided…

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