Get Rihanna’s New Album ANTI For Free Now on Tidal!

Tidal is giving us the new album from Rihanna: ANTI. Make sure to get your own before they change their mind!

Rihanna Anti Free Download

You don’t need any TIDAL account, just enter your E-Mail, first name, and last name and you’re good to go! Make sure to clear your cache or history if the download is not working, or if you don’t use Google Chrome, you probably need to use this stable browser to try to download the album. You can even choose the format of the album either MP§ format or FLAC format.

Click here to download: Rihanna ANTI Free Download

ANTI is Rihanna’s eighth studio album. The release of this album had never seen the light since I don’t know 2014? But thanks to Rihanna and her team that the album is finally out FOR FREE! If you like B**ch Better Have My Money or American Oxygen, you won’t see these songs on ANTI. She probably scraped it, too bad. Well, at least we now can experience Rihanna’s new album right?

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The Other Side of Jakarta Attacks

A couple of days ago Istanbul was under attack, and today when I woke up, I got a chat from my mom saying that Jakarta was under attack a long with bunch of pics that I should have not seen in the morning. I was shocked to death. One because I have never imagined Indonesia being terrorized again, two because I woke up late and it’s 9 AM.

I then sent chats to some of my friends who live in Jakarta and asking them about their condition. And glad none of them is hurt. It was such a relief. If you don’t know what has happened this morning in the capital city of my precious country, Indonesia, you could google it yourself. Long story short, there were a series of explosions and gun attacks in Sarinah, Jakarta Pusat. And the mastermind behind this is wahrscheinlich those who also attacked Paris and Instanbul.

Every tragedy, has its own story. And because this series of attack happened in Indonesia, sometimes we cannot expect what kind of story this tragedy will bring to us. And here are things that I have never imagined to happen during or after the attack:

1. This Bapak Who Keeps Selling His Satay During The Gunfight Between The Police and The Terrorist

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