Madeon Shows His Vocal Ability on His New Single ‘Home’

Last night, when I already slept, Madeon released his new single, the third single off of his debut album Adventure, titled Home. And what’s good about this new song from this Franch-DJ? It features his flawless vocal! Yes, there I said it. He sings on his own song. Yeah, like finally! Woohoo. I’ve been playing this song on repeat now, listening to his tear-bringing vocal.

Madeon also told fans the story behind the song and how he worked on the process. But if you’re a new fan of Madeon, let me tell you. He already sang his own song a long time ago. Check out this video below to hear him singing his song titled Gold

He was song young back then (and still is right now though), and yet so talented. I’m ashamed of myself right now to be honest.


If I could try a little harder, I would succeed. I’d rather give up and be happy

His album is coming this month. Make sure to pre-order Adventure on I already pre-ordered the signed CD by the way. I really can not wait to have it and listen to it non stop! You can also listen to Madeon Home via Spotify below:


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