UX Problems inside Stuttgart’s VVS Android App

A couple of weeks ago I attended a sport festival in Sttugart. Since I’m not a student of Hochschule Esslingen anymore, I needed to buy the freaking day ticket that costs life. VVS (Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund Stuttgart) offers slightly cheaper online so I tapped on the app which is dominated by their iconic orange color to buy the day ticket because I was broke that time.

Look and Feel of Stuttgarts Public Transpiration App

Forgot your password? Maybe try entering 100 different passwords before requesting a new one

Before I could buy the ticket I needed to log in to my account first. Of course I forgot the password. I tried for like 10 times and surprisingly the system didn’t even bother to lock my account. I then gave up and just requested a new password.

vvs login screen - public Transportation app

Another attempt at logging in into the system

After resetting my password, I still couldn’t log in to the system.

It’s called Username for a reason!

I then changed the username to my e-mail address. And viola! I logged in to the system. People, we’re almost in 2018 and you still can’t spot the different between username and e-mail address?

There are two UX problems which still exist in the app by the time I wrote this piece of article:

  • No user’s account protection after repetitive password fail
    • What happens if someone is able to break into your account? Will they buy 365 day tickets?
  • Asking for username
    • But the system actually needs the e-mail adress


A piece of cake solution

Solving these two problems is a piece of cake. Who can’t replace a freaking placeholder text from username to e-mail address? And I’m sure it won’t take days to temporarily block an account after, let’s say 5, password fails.

UX cycle

User experience starts even before apps installation and doesn’t stop after user leaving the app

User experience is not only about the look of the app. But also different aspects such as user’s security and the accuracy information provided by the system.  Because after all experience happens before, during and after using the app.

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