Watch Now: Calvin Harris – Pray To God (featuring HAIM)

Calvin Harris just premiered his latest music video for Pray To God featuring the american pop rock band HAIM. The video features different backdrops where the three sisters Este, Danielle and Alana in black stand in front of it while singing through out the video. The video also features several animals like horses, wolves, and Loppunny (Read: Rabbit). If this video goes viral, which I doubt because in my opinion it’s not that special but hey who cares?At least it’s not boring, right? PeTA probably will shoot a fire to them. Remember when PeTA complained too much stuffs when Britney featured animals in her Circus music video? I don’t know what to expect in a circus-themed music video than seeing animals to be honest.


Pray To God is obviously a fan favorite. I’m glad Calvin Harris decided to release it as the next single from his latest album Motions which was released one year ago. If this song gets a decent amount of promotion, I’m sure it’s gonna be another hit for Mr. Harris. The chorus alone slays life back and forth. Beside this song, you need to check out another non-single song that I personally like: Together. It features Gwen Stefani’s vocal.

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