Glory – Album Review: Britney Spears Brings Us To The Moon and Back

A week ago her latest album GLORY leaked across the globe because some stores in Mexico sold it earlier than the rest of the world. I was sitting in my room, sending rude messages to most of my friends who listened to the leak and called them not-a-fan, I blocked them, unfollowed them, I did what I needed to do to isolate myself from the leak.

And today in my best friend’s room I sat in front of my computer, changed my Spotify location to Australia, then decided to listened to the album along with my best friends in Indonesia, which one of them is the admin of the only relevant Britney Spears fan site in Indonesia.

Fifty five minutes went so fast, my soul left my physical body. I died. Literally died. The princess of pop, now queen of pop has slayed my irrelevant life. She even made me forgive her after all of the Make Me original video fiasco, plus the tragic Glory photoshoot.

This time, it really is Britney that we know!

Groundbreaking Album Opener

Britney Spears always put her first single as the album opener: …Baby One More Time, Ooop!… I Did It Again, I’m A Slave 4 U, Me Against The Music, Gimme More, Womanizer, or the BANGER of the album: Til The World Ends.

This time she made a special opening song titled Invitation for her best album to date according to her. It sounds so smooth, her vocal sounds just like her. Even though it’s very filtered! It’s her. No glitch! It’s a perfect song to begin the glorious journey with a slow song like this.

Tropical Music and Mid-Tempo

Britney might be not the pioneer of tropical music and known for her mid-tempo songs, but aren’t you curious how Britney Spears sounds like singing tropical songs? Well, she has really good tropical songs in the album: from the second single candidate Just Luv Me, Middle by DJ Snake inspired song Better, to the fans favorite Man On The Moon. The songs feature her smooth vocal upon smooth beats. Not to mention the first single Make Me… really helps giving the public what to expect from this album: No over-autotuned mess, beautiful melody and lyrics, attitude!

Both Better and Middle share similar beat drops


Doo wop is a style of pop music marked by the use of close harmony vocals using nonsense phrases, originating in the US in the 1950s. Are you a fan of Doo Wop music? If yes, this album is also for you because she has Private Show and When You Need. She sings in high pitch, though. But it doesn’t matter that much cause she really plays her vocal ability here! Something that we barely hear from the past few years.

Down To The Dancefloor

It’s not a Britney album without a club banger. She already teased us with Do You Wanna Come Over? which features her vocal that we all have missed since Blackout. The hard beat does not stop in that song cause she is prepared to drop harder beat in Love Me Down. Both feature unique beat and production with great vocals input from the queen herself. Another track worth mentioned is Slumber Party that features catchy hard beats which somehow can remind you of the unique Rusian song Vitas by 7th Element. Too bad Clumsy can not be compared with those three flawless songs because of its messy and monotonous beat drop.

Both songs share unique beat during the chorus

Song Continuation

Britney Spears has an unreleased song titled She’ll Never Be Me, and she seems to pay tribute to the song with Just Like Me. No, this is not similar to Just Luv Me, this is NOT a song about a person who wants someone to like him/her. The title is from the line “She looks just like me.”

In 2002 Justin Timberlake milked his breakup with Britney Spears using Cry Me A River, in this album Britney sings a song that could be a response to the song called Liar which undeniably is one of the album highlight.


Do you want to learn English? Check! Do you want to learn Spanish? Check! Do you want to learn French? Check. Sixteen out of 17 songs are completely or partly in English: Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) features Britney sings partly in Spanish, Man On The Moon features Britney sings a lil bit in French. Coupure Électrique features Britney sings COMPLETELY in French. Multi-languageney is real, y’ll!


You will often find one or two weird songs from Britney Spear album: Soda Pop, Brave New Girl, Hot as Ice, Mmm Papi, How I Roll. This time is Hard To Forget Ya and If I’m Dancing. Both are up-beat bobs that can be listened in the car with open window!


In 2011 Britney gave us an album full of bops and hit potentials but lacks of good vocal productions and diversity. After that everything went up and down. Five years later she made herself changed and cross the line! It is really as artsy fartsy as she said it’s going to be. She finally didn’t repeat herself for the second time in term of music production. The record is amazing, feature diversity though out the album. Even though it’s not free of flaw, Glory is indeed another proof that Britney Spears is here to slay the world even though she loves being in Vegas and posting random Google images to her Instagram.

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