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Looking Back at 500 Times I Listen To Avicii

August 18th 2013, at least according to Last.FM, was the first time I listened to Avicii. It was THE song that people were listening to, Wake Me Up. And then I got to listen to Hey Brother in the same year. I didn’t really stream his music that much since it was the first year…

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How Nintendo Switch Changes My Gaming Habits

Nintendo Switch was released on March 3, 2017.  Ever since I got one for my birthday a couple of months ago, it has changed my gaming habits a lot. Back then I had the following Nintendo gaming system: SNES, GameBoy Advanced SP, GameBoy Micro, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii Nintendo 3DS. I had PlayStation too. Only the…

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How UX Design Can Positively Impact Lead Capturing Workflow

Last year during the probation as UI/UX Developer at Kommdirekt GmbH, a company who specializes in digital branding, online marketing, web solutions and business app, I got to work on the UX Design of a lead capturing application with CREATON, one of the most leading companies who manufacture clay roofing shingle. Yes, I had to google…

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UX Problems inside Stuttgart’s VVS Android App

A couple of weeks ago I attended a sport festival in Sttugart. Since I’m not a student of Hochschule Esslingen anymore, I needed to buy the freaking day ticket that costs life. VVS (Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund Stuttgart) offers slightly cheaper online so I tapped on the app which is dominated by their iconic orange color…

Instagram for Android Problem , Pic Source: http://actiondigitalagency.com
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Exposing UI/UX Problem in Instagram for Android

Today I was about to delete my anonymous Instagram profile, I have not touched the Setting since forever, When I was there, it’s kinda like a nightmare. I can’t delete my profile directly from the application I don’t even know which elements from the Setting are clickable (someone please help me find the right word for…

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