5 Moments From Horror Movie That I Like and Hate

Happy Halloween, guys! I know it’s a little bit late. But you know what they say: Better late than never! For the past few weeks I’ve been raping my free Netflix one-month trial by watching a number of series and… HORROR MOVIES!

Netflix has a plenty number of horror movies. But well, not every single movie is a great movie though. So sometimes it leaves me a good and bad moments after watching the movies.

And to celebrate this year Halloween, I share you my personal good and bad moments from horror movie! P.S.: You can listen to Ghost by Ella Henderson while reading this list to be honest. It’s such a good song.

1. Sexually Abuse

“I think you’re hot. That’s why I haunt you”

No. I’m not talking about the backstory of a father who raped his own child that then became a ghost and haunted their father to death. I’m talking about how every single time from one movie to another that the ghost ALWAYS shows up in a bathroom. I mean, hello Sir. I’m trying to poop and it’s gonna be smelly. So you’re gonna be here and scare me? Great. Come. Scare me!

When a movie shows a scene in the bathroom. It’s going to be pretictable as hell, pun intended. The ghost will creep in, watch you shower and put your clothes on, touch your hair, your back, your toe, and finally. Surprise, they will show you their ugly face in the mirror. What a narcissist!

I mean seriously. If a ghost touch me when I shower, I will call my lawyer. Why can’t I enjoy a shower after a very long day though?

2. “Surprise, Btcih. I Bet You Thought You Saw The Last Of Me”

Madison Montgomery said those lines in the eight episode of American Horror Story: Coven. One of the most famous quote from the series. I have mixed feelings about this type of moment in a horror movie to be honest. You know, when you think the ghost already gives up and disappears and decides to leave you living a peaceful life. But then, one week later, three months later, one year later, three decades later, they be like “Surprise, Btcih. I bet you thought you saw the last of me.”

One time you will be like, “YAAAS KILL THAT PERSON NOW.” Another time you will be like, “Oh God, What have they done to you!!? Leave them alone. Please. Leave!” Or the movie will end by the time the actor screams and the movie fades to black and you have wished you never wasted your time that way.

3. The Spilled Truth

“I just love watching you screaming and killing your innocent dog. No hard feelings though.”

If you know the reason why a ghost or a group of ghost hunt them down: it’s good. If you don’t know, then it’s probably the director themselves don’t know why they film the film in the very first place other than to make a few bucks. But well, horror movie is supposed to be mystery right? But sometimes it feels really good when you know the truth!

I personally want to know why The Babadook Book suddenly out of nowhere appeared in the house. Like, why not when the father still lived? Is it because ‪Mister Babadook is the father himself who wants to bring his family to the darkness? I don’t know. And.. Why does he eat WORMS? Why not Bacon? WHY? And is there only one copy of The Babadook Book? And who did print that book? So mysterious indeed!

4. Better Than ‘God’

Oh yeah, I like it when The Bad wins against The Good. You know, that one generic scene from any horror movie where they keeps saying God’s name but the ghost is still more powerful than them and successfully killed them. Maybe if they really have faith and not only call for God when they need Him, they will survive and defeat the evil.

5. Check The Speaker!

"Are you temporarily deaf?"

“Are you temporarily deaf?”

It’s dark. The ghost already took over the electricity. They have found out the actor have a generator and decided to break it down. They already know the actor in the closet. They lock the actor up. Then it’s really quite. You barely can hear the actor breathing. You increase the volume to make sure it’s loud enough. You check the cable. It’s all alright. So where does the sound go away? When you sit again to your couch, BAAAAAAM! It works again. You saw the devil. You heard how hell sounds like. Jump scare moment!


6. I’m So Stupid That’s Why I’m In A Horror Movie

“Nope. Definitely not a ghost”

There’s a ghost beside of you! And it looks like Lady Gaga in her stolen-from-Madonna meatdress who haven’t eaten for centuries! Then why do you still stand there holding your phone and screaming like a little girl who doesn’t get candies from her daddy? RUN, sister, run!

Yeah, you always that urge to yell at the actors when they do stupid thing like standing there letting the ghost eats them up or not believing that they have been haunted by their ex girlfriend ghost. Why not? If you already saw an iPhone flying back and forth in the middle of the night. It’s either you’re crazy or there’s actually a ghost who thinks Snapchat’s logo is cute enough to be their girlfriend!

You got any moments from horror movie that you want to share? If you’re curious. I would like to recommend you watching Dark Skies and The Babadook. And don’t watch Oculus because you know it’s just stupid.

Happy Halloween! Keep haunting!

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