How Nintendo Switch Changes My Gaming Habits

Nintendo Switch was released on March 3, 2017.  Ever since I got one for my birthday a couple of months ago, it has changed my gaming habits a lot. Back then I had the following Nintendo gaming system: SNES, GameBoy Advanced SP, GameBoy Micro, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii Nintendo 3DS. I had PlayStation too. Only the first one though. After that I am basically a Nintendo fanboy, well, not really. More like a Pokemon fanboy.

Switch Anytime and Anywhere


Most of the time I bought Nintendo gaming system just to play the latest Pokemon game. I mean where else can I play that game? Emulator is not really my thing as I often find myself on the road traveling from one place to another. Which also the reason why I abandoned my Wii a few weeks after my mom bought it for me. Since Nintendo Switch is hybrid. I can enjoy it anywhere and anytime I want. Minus the battery life though. I am looking forward to some official external battery for my Switch.

Playing Different Game Genres


In short amount of time I already spent more hours in gaming than ever before. And I never see myself sitting in front of TV ever again playing other games but Pokemon. But guess what? I did.

I love discovering post-apocalypse Hyrule, I have so much fun beating Angels and Demons, I enjoy racing to AI and some random people from around the world, and of course I am patiently waiting for the next Pokemon game to be released. And I also can not wait to revive my old memories by playing Crash Bandicoot on the Switch.

The reason why I didn’t buy Switch once it’s released because I was waiting for Pokemon Company to announce the Switch game. Then I was waiting for Nintendo to  announce the better version of Nintendo Switch. Like how they released hundreds of Nintendo DS and 3DS variants.

I am thankful that I finally got Nintendo Switch and played many well-made games. I even suggest a lot of friends to got one, because more friends owning Nintendo gaming system means more fun! Or they could just get the expensive controller and play at my house.

The More, The Merrier


Just like what Britney said, “One, two, three. Not only you and me. If you don’t like the company, let’s just do it you and me, or three, or four on the floor” Nintendo Switch makes it possible for me to let my friends who don’t usually bother to play games to play too.

I was visiting my friend and he was addicted to Mario Kart. I won’t be able to do this if I bought myself a Wii U. Since I needed to pack the whole console to my small bag. I also won’t be able to to it with my 3DS since it’s meant for one player. Now I just need a Switch and some games that I want to play with my friends.

Up to 3 players all we need is another controller, which is expensive by the way. But hey, save up some money and let’s have more fun! Sometime it costs, you know.

First Game Restart Since Pokemon Emerald


I am that kind of guy who plays game for the Storyline, which makes me most of the time have no passion to play a game where the storyline is already spoiled to me. Which explains why I barely touched Pokemon Ultra Moon. It’s also been about 10 years since I restarted a game. It was when I was really addicted to Pokemon. I restarted Pokemon Emerald for so many times. Sometimes I played with my friends’ GameBoy because they didn’t bother to finish the game and just wanted to catch Rayquaza.

Now I find myself really enjoying Zelda Breath of The Wild MasterMode. Man, that game is truly a master piece. This is my second Zelda game that I played. I played Link Between World on my 3DS a couple of years ago. I played Majora’s Mask too there but I couldn’t finish it for some reasons. But damn, this open air concept blew my mind away. I also restarted the MasterMode with the Japanese voice acting which makes the game 100% better. I only adore Urbosa voice actor in the english version. The rest sounds really off to my ears. Especially Mipha.


I am looking forward to Nintendo Switch future. Maybe I even need to do some UX mini-analysis for the Switch?


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