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BURNS’ Songs You Need To Hear, Before You Listen To Make Me (Oooh)

Rumor has it that BURNS produced Britney Spears’ next single Make Me (Oooh). If it turns out to be true, then we need to prepare ourselves for the slayage that will come within a month from now. But then again, let’s just hope Team Britney will confirm this rumor ASAP (and also announce the single officially).

BURNS is an English producer, he has worked with a lot of different artist from Marina and The Diamonds to Calvin Harris. And no, he doesn’t have hits yet. But so did Danja and The Outsider. He really needs to give the best one for the queen of pop.

If you haven’t listened to any of his works, let me hand-pick some of my favorite from BURNS so you know what you could expect. But well, like he said on Twitter:

Make It Clap

Beauty Queen

Amen by Foreign Beggars

National Anthem (Remix) by Lana Del Rey

Like what your’re hearing so far? Make sure you check the entire BURNS’ discography on his Spotify or SoundCloud! From what I heard, Britney could go TRAP! Make Me (Oooh) is probably gonna have some sick-dirty beat with a dark vibe. But well, let’s expect the unexpected! Maybe Make Me (Oooh) is the sequel of Breathe On Me? Whatever it turns out to be, this single is already making me oooh!

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