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Marina & The Diamonds’ FROOT Album is Officially Out Worldwide, and Here is My Review!


When was the last time I posted about Marina? Probably when Froot leaked. Oh and I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything like for 10 days or more. I never thought it would be this busy at the uni.

Froot is actually released last Monday on March 16th 2015 and last Friday on March 13th 2015 in Germany. I have gone to Saturn and Mediamarkt. The album looks good in physical to be honest. I didn’t buy it though. I’m still waiting for my Froot signed CD from Warner Music Ireland. It’s almost a week after the release and I haven’t received it. I’m also planning to get the Vinyl edition. I mean, it must looks flawless! There’s no vinyl in store, but you can order it, which what I probably do as soon as I get my payment for my vacation job.

But because I’m a flawless stan, I already pre-ordered the album from US iTunes. And actually I heard the album already when it leaked, I was impressed. But as soon as Happy started on my iTunes, my mind was blown once again!

Happy 8/10

Marina decided to open the album with this slow-tempo song. She sings along with the acoustic band. No, Marina and The Diamonds is still not a band. I love Marina’s voice and the lyrics is actually not cheesy like any other relationship-themed song by the other female singers.

Froot 10/10

At first I was like, “What the heck is this?” and then I was like, “Hmmm it’s okay?” and next I was like “It’s summertime and I hang on a vine…” And after that all I can remember is that I put this song on repeat. This song is such a grower. The more you listen to it, the more you like it. If there’s a scale of one to ten, then this song will break the scale to million billion! Too bad Marina cut the song for radio purpose in Froot music video. But… Have you ever heard her song in the radio? I haven’t. I doubt her label even bother to add this flawless song to the radios.

I’m A Ruin 8/10

Marina decides to give this song a first single treatment. I mean, I’m A Ruin music video is like the most expensive music video she’s ever done in this Froot era. She should have done that to Froot instead to be honest. I’m not really a fan of this song. But it’s okay. The lyrics is impressive tho.

Blue 10/10 (New score)

At first I only gave this song 8 out of 10. But nevermind, THIS SONG IS FLAWLESS and ADDICTIVE! Just hope Marina will invest something to promote this song and make her more mainstream. But I heard she’s gonna debut in Billboard Top 10 album this week. Her highest peak yet! Slay us, Marina. Oh and I love the Baby One More Time and Gimme More reference in this song. Britard mode on. And no, this song won’t make you feel blue anymore.

Forget 9/10

The Teen Idle’s teas is real. I love Teen Idle, so how come I won’t love this song too? The video should be better though.

Gold 7/10

This song has not grown on me yet. Maybe I should give it more time (and water, lol). The intro is cute though.

Can’t Pin Me Down 9/10

Another favorite! This line alone makes this song even better “You can’t call my bluff. Time to back off, moth*rf*ck*r” If you don’t like this song, you better get your ears cheeeeeeeckeed! It’s catchy! The lyrics slays! The production is good. But the vocal effect kind of ruins the song, don’t you think?

Solitaire 8/10

So Li Taire. The songs begins only with minimal instrumental, then there’s a one second break before the beat starts. The slayage begins after that.

Better Than That 8/10

The most rock-influenced song in this album in my opinion. This song is about Ellie Goulding no matter what Marina said. The lyrics fits their situation perfectly. Oh, and last Valentine, I quoted this lyrics because of the truth that it holds. “Well, I guess it’s just what humans do. Hook up with other people until it all falls through. And when it’s over they go out and try and heal their pain. Hook up with another lover, do it all again.”

Weeds 8/10

If you want to have a slow-tempo song beside Happy to listen to before going to bed. Then, I would recommend this song. The we we we we we we we we we we we we weds in the intro is iconic.

Savages 9/10 (New Score)

The lyrical content is everything. One of the highlight in this album to be honest. Yes, Marina, tell them that we should not have been afraid of God, but instead be afraid of man! Reading this lyrics makes me want Marina to write one song or two for Britney.

Immortal 8/10

She should have released Savages instead if she wants to release a song with meaningful lyrics. I mean, the lyrics of Immortal is good too. But the melody and production in Savages is a lot better. But let’s just hope Savages will get a single treatment and video.

If you haven’t gotten your FROOT yet. Make sure to buy it now. Don’t eat the illegal one, because it’s genetic-modified and is not healthy for your health. You can download Froot album by Marina and The Diamonds on iTunes:, Amazon:, and her Official Store: Or still not convinced yet? Stream on Spotify!


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