Savages: Marina’s Voice About The Wars, Bombings and Rapes Around The World

It only took one day for killing hundreds of innocent people all around the world: Paris terrorist attack, ISIS attack in Lebanon, bombing in Bangladesh. It doesn’t stop. It keeps going. World war is upon us? What’s wrong with the world? Is it us, human race?

That night when Parisians were shot to death by a group of extremist, narcissist who were shouting The Name of God, I hardly could sleep. No one could. The image of the tragedy haunted my night and it made me remember about one song that’s sung by Marina and The Diamonds titled Savages.

And today I would like to discuss the connection between the song and the tragedy in our modern society that just keeps getting worse.


Murder lives forever
And so does war

War, War Everywhere

At least 10000 people died in current or past years all around the world due to armed conflicts. This doesn’t include the murder between the community like a young woman who killed her baby because she has no husband and money to support her own child. Another day, another war.


It’s survival of the fittest
Rich against the poor

The rich keeps getting richer, the poor keeps getting poorer. The corrupt government eats as many things as possible and leave nothing for the people in need. And in war: the more advance your technology is, the more people you can kill. And here goes the saying: The more, the merrier.


It’s a human trait
Hidden deep down inside of our DNA

It’s just what humans do. They love proving what’s right, and what’s wrong. Proving who’s the strongest, who’s the weakest. The on going competition has always been there since the beginning of time.


One man can build a bomb
Another, run a race
To save somebody’s life and have it blow up in his face

Do you still remember what happened in Boston in 2013? Yeah. The bombing during the 117th annual Boston Marathon.

Marina was inspired to write this song by this incident where more than 260 people injured and 3 died. She herself said, “It’s so hard to reconcile how one man can be running a charity race, while another man is building a bomb to blow this person up. That’s how it started, and I think it was more a result about how these same kinds of news stories keep coming up day-in and day-out.”


I’m not the only one who finds it hard to understand
I’m not afraid of God
I am afraid of man

Especially when man acts as if they are God and have the right to kill anyone who doesn’t have the same faith.


Is it running in our blood
Is it running in our veins
Is it running in our genes
Is it in our DNA
Humans aren’t gonna behave as we think we always should
Yeah, we can be bad as we can be good

There are many good people in this world. If you can’t find one. Be a good one. But you know, some people just want to watch the world burning.


Underneath it all, we’re just savages
Hidden behind shirts, ties, and marriages

Terror after terror against many people all around the world. One wants to keep the traditional marriage because that’s what God approved. And the other one wants to have the same right to marry. One that doesn’t obey, get killed. Simple.

Have you ever heard about The Milgram experiment on Obedience to Authority? This study revealed that majority of people, if gained an order from a credible authority, would subject another innocent human to a lethal punishment.


How could we expect anything at all?
We’re just animals still learning how to crawl
We live, we die
We steal, we kill, we lie
Just like animals
But with far less grace

Are we animals? Or worse? I mean have you ever read a news about a family killing their son because he changed his religion? Go to Google News. And you will find a bunch of news about that.


Another day, another tale of rape

In the states, every 107 seconds, a person will get sexually abused. That’s the reported one, the one that happens in the one of the most developed country in the world. You do the math if we sum every rape that occurred around the world.


Another ticking bomb to bury deep and detonate

That’s what happened in Syria, Palestine, and the other country in the Middle East. Some people need to chill if there are less people that care about them than about Parisian or another people around the world. The case is that it’s already happened for far too long and we know it won’t end anytime soon. We don’t care? Sir, our taxes help them who escape from the country and now they are a refugee in our country. If it doesn’t count as a help. I don’t know what will! If a flag filter on our profile picture makes you happier, I really am going to pray for you.

People just need to put their ego under their bed, or just throw it away if it doesn’t make the world any better. So sit. And get a new hobby.


You can see it on the news
You can watch it on T.V
You can read it on your phone
You can say it’s troubling

Thanks for everyone who made technology so freaking powerful and useful that we can receive 24/7 updates from all around this cruel world.


All the hate coming out from a generation
Who got everything, and nothing guided by temptation

It makes me sad how much hatred I see on my timeline when something bad happens to a country and some people then post something like “Where were you when this happened to us?” Can’t some people just chill and let other people have their moment of silence? What’s with the hate? It’s not like we are going to kill innocent people by sending prayer to the one that passed away in a terrible way.


Were we born to abuse, shoot a gun and run
Or has something deep inside of us come undone?
Is it a human trait or is it learned behaviour

Can you imagine that you’re in a concert hall watching your idol singing “…Baby One More Time” and a random person come out of nowhere starts shooting people? Because I can’t! What’s wrong with you? Even in a place that we think is safe is not safe anymore! Nowhere is safe!


Are you killing for yourself or killing for your saviour?

Stop shouting your God’s name! If you are bad, then be a bad person. Don’t drag the whole community, religion or race with you and your nasty, degenerate and self-absorbed attitude!


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