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Exposing UI/UX Problem in Instagram for Android

Today I was about to delete my anonymous Instagram profile, I have not touched the Setting since forever, When I was there, it’s kinda like a nightmare.

  1. I can’t delete my profile directly from the application
  2. I don’t even know which elements from the Setting areĀ clickable (someone please help me find the right word for this situation!)

The first problem is actually not a new problem. I knew it before that you can’t delete your profile from the app. You need to go to their mobile site and delete it from there. I happened to forget and needed to google first. And when I found out I was like, “oh yeah, It’s always been like this, right?” Maybe it’s the decision from the business unit so they can keep the number of instagram users enormous. Most users probably were like “Yeah whatever, I’ll just leave it there.” Continue reading Exposing UI/UX Problem in Instagram for Android